If you don't use any packaging, how do you deliver the groceries then?

  • We deliver the products in reusable cotton pouches. You can decant them into your own (glass) containers at home.
  • Your delivery comes in a big reusable bag to replace the disposable cardboard box.

What do I do with the empties?

  • Today: You put the empty cotton pouches back into the big bag, fold the bag together and give it back to us with the next delivery.
  • Soon: The bag will be post-paid. You then pack the pouches and the bag in the same way as you do it today, but you can then throw them into the next mailbox and you don't have to wait for us to pick it up.

Do I pay a deposit on the packaging?

  • Today: No. Today the service is based on trust. After all, we all want to reduce our negative impact on the environment, which is why all of our customers gladly return the bags for reuse.
  • Soon: As we grow, we will lose track of all the pouches. That's why we will be setting up a simple deposit system in the near future.

Is it worthwhile considering the additional resources needed in the production of reusable packaging compared to single-use plastic?

  • The packaging is produced with manufacturing processes that meet the highest sustainability standards. This is why the life cycle assessment is definitely better than producing and recycling single-use packaging over and over again.

Do I have to be afraid of finding bacteria and other germs on the reusable packaging?

  • No. Our packaging materials are washed with the best ecological washing processes after each use.


Delivery & Receipt

How much does the delivery cost me?

  • The delivery costs are CHF 15.-

When and how fast do you deliver?

  • You can choose when you want to receive your delivery. So if you wish, we can deliver within less than 24 hours. Please note that other customers may already have booked deliveries at certain times and therefore your desired delivery date may no longer be available.

How do you deliver?

  • We deliver every order personally. If possible, we prefer to use bicycles. If it does not work out with time, we use a conventional small car as a temporary solution. In the near future the conventional car will be replaced by an electric vehicle to keep emissions to a minimum.

What if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

  • Today: It is best to choose an alternative date right away or call us on +41 76 306 91 90.
  • Soon: You choose an alternative date or you send us an SMS to +41 76 306 91 90 telling us what we should do with your delivery. We can put it in front of your front door, in your post box or at your neighbours'.

Don't you create much more pollutants with the delivery than when I go to the Zero Waste store myself?

  • That depends on how far away the shop is and how you get there. Basically, however, we are aware that it doesn't work without compromise. And there is to add that with one delivery we can serve a lot of customers at the same time. This reduces the number of kilometers driven per delivery massively.


Order process

Do I hereby commit myself to a subscription with a regular minimum order quantity?

  • No. You can order again whenever you want.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

  • No. You can order as much as you want.

Can I change or cancel my order afterwards?

  • Sure, just text us at +41 76 306 91 90 and we'll take care of your changes.

Where can I see my order confirmation?

  • You will receive an email with an order confirmation. For the sake of the environment we do not print any documents or flyers.

What happens if a product is no longer available at short notice?

  • In exceptional cases, products may not be available anymore. In this case, we will provide you with an alternative (if available), where you can decide on delivery whether you want it or not. If not, you will be refunded the amount you may have paid in advance.



How can I pay?

  • Today: You pay online or directly upon delivery via TWINT or in cash.
  • Tomorrow: You will be able to choose to pay directly between different common means of payment (credit cards, paypal, etc.).



  • If you think that a product is not perfect, you will get your money back within one day. Just give us a call (+41 76 306 91 90) or send an e-mail to michel@wayste.ch.



Where do the products come from?

  • We work with the 'Zero Waste Shop FOIFI' in Zurich and source our products from there. In this way we ensure that we can give preference to regional organic products from the best producers. We receive the products in huge paper bags, which we then pack into the desired portions and deliver them to your home in the reusable cotton pouches.

Where can I see the ingredients and preparation instructions of the products?

  • Information on products such as ingredients and preparation instructions can soon be found in the webshop under product information.

Customer Service & Availability

  • If you have any questions or comments you can reach us by phone (9:00 to 21:00, Mon to Sun, +41 76 306 91 90) or via email (michel@wayste.ch). If we are not available right then we will try to answer as soon as possible.



Does our contribution as consumers bring anything at all, if the industry simply continues like this?

  • Yes, definitely! If consumers increasingly buy from environmentally friendly alternatives, the industry will also adapt over time. On top of it, we also source our products from purely sustainable sources. This means that by buying with us, you buy from local and organic producers, which will definitely lead to a big impact.