Local Suppliers, Global Ambitions - How We Work with Local Zero Waste Stores

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We want to take over the world with Wayste. Ambitious? Maybe. But what if I told you that it's possible? Let's take a moment and ask ourselves - everything that exists around us, who built that? Exactly. Some other humans. So if they can do it, why can't we? 

We're not alone on this journey

Just as we want to be by your side on your journey towards a more sustainable consumption e.g. when buying groceries, we need the help of others to build Wayste up from the ground. And we've found our first supporters in the local zero waste / packaging-free producers and shops in and around Zurich.
Starting from scratch meant that we needed guidance and all sorts of help. We needed quality products that you cannot get elsewhere. We needed information about the products' origins, and the story around their production. Buying packaging-free was something new to us, just like it might be new to you today, and we desperately needed someone guiding us.

Our first guide on the zero waste journey

The first person that decided to put her trust into two zero waste newbies was the owner of the famous zero waste store FOIFI in Zurich. She opened up her doors and helped us until now to offer the high quality products you can buy on our website. Assembling all the local and ecological products she has in her store took her years, and all that work helped us get Wayste up and running in no time.

Supporting local producers & retailers

Sustainability is a tricky topic that can't be discussed using "black and white" reasoning. Sometimes importing products from abroad can be more sustainable than producing them in your own country, even if that sounds counterintuitive. But it was important for us to sell products packaging-free, and at the same time source these products as locally as possible. Which is why most of the products you can find on Wayste today, are sourced locally in Switzerland.

Apart from supporting local producers, we believe we can also add value to local stores that have been pushing the zero waste movement forward through their physical locations, workshops and all kinds of events. The cooperation with FOIFI is just a first example of how Wayste can bring these shops online and reach a wider audience. An audience that doesn't necessarily have the time to find these local stores and visit them after work.

Bringing the concept of packaging-free / zero waste / less waste to the broad population is our mission at Wayste, and an online experience is one of the main pillars to reach our goals. We're very excited and grateful to receive the help of existing stores, and can't wait to partner up with more!

Who is joining us?

You're asking yourself, who would want to join us? Well, anyone selling unpackaged food trying to reach new customers. Here's a list of some companies we're trying to get on board:

Do you know any producers / shops that can sell packaging-free and could be interested to sell their products through Wayste? Let us know in the comments!


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    Mit kommen die in den Sinn:
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    Joly‘s Pasta (http://www.jolyspasta.ch/)

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