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Zero Waste Einkaufen vs. konventionelles Shopping: Ein Kampf um die Zukunft

Sie steigen gemeinsam in den Ring – und weil du hier ja auf dem Blog von Wayste gelandet bist, sollte der Gewinner dieses Kampfes schon klar sein. Was macht also Zero Waste zur „besseren“ Einkaufsvariante und wieso solltest auch du deine konventionellen Einkaufsgewohnheiten K.O. schlagen? Der Showdown von Conventional Shopping hat endgültig begonnen. Externe Authorin (Lucia Arnold, Wayste Hero). Einkaufen im ‘bequemen’ Plastik-Dschungel: Runde 1 Ding-ding-ding. Conventional Shopping liegt in Führung: Er setzt Zero Waste ein paar heftige Hiebe, diese landen gezielt und effizient. Und obendrein wurde sogar noch gespart – es war gerade eine Fünferpack-Handy-Waschmittel Aktion in der Migros. Im Einkaufswagen türmt sich ein Abfallhaufen. Viele Lebensmittel sind sogar zwei-, dreimal in Plastik gehüllt. Verwirrt sieht Zero Waste dem...

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Local Suppliers, Global Ambitions - How We Work with Local Zero Waste Stores

We want to take over the world with Wayste. Ambitious? Maybe. But what if I told you that it's possible? Let's take a moment and ask ourselves - everything that exists around us, who built that? Exactly. Some other humans. So if they can do it, why can't we?  We're not alone on this journey Just as we want to be by your side on your journey towards a more sustainable consumption e.g. when buying groceries, we need the help of others to build Wayste up from the ground. And we've found our first supporters in the local zero waste / packaging-free producers and shops in and around Zurich. Starting from scratch meant that we needed guidance and all sorts...

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Reinventing the Milk (Wo)Man for Waste-Free Groceries

Have you ever heard of the milk man? Yes, that man driving around villages and delivering the fresh milk in front of your doorstep early in the mornings? Curious about the type of containers he delivered the milk in? You guessed it: Glass bottles. It seemed to work well, so now many companies are rediscovering and improving the concept with the technologies that have evolved over the years. But let's explore the origins of this profession, shall we? The Origins of the Milk (Wo)Man Milkmen appeared in Britain around 1860 when the first railroads allowed fresh milk to arrive in cities from the countryside and a lack of good fridges meant milk would quickly spoil. Before milk bottles were available in 1880, milk men...

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The Million Dollar Question - Zero Waste Home Delivery or Physical Shopping in Zero Waste Stores

Do you also hate it when you ask a simple question and the answer you get in return is "it depends"? Well, I'm sorry to be that guy today. When it comes to the topic of the ecological footprint of home delivery vs. physical shopping, it really depends on a bunch of factors. Stay with me, if this is a question that has been bugging you somewhere in the back of your head while brushing your teeth at night (or if you're just curious of course). Is it more ecological to have your unpackaged groceries delivered to your home? More and more people are buying things online, even in Switzerland. And with that growing trend comes the big question, whether home deliveries...

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How Zero Waste Will Change The Future

    I know what you're thinking. Here we go again, another group of 'experts' assuming they know all about Zero Waste starting to preach how bad everyone is behaving, while munching on their sandwich packaged in single-use plastic, wearing the clothes they didn't get second-hand, waiting for the Diesel fueled Uber to take them home to their apartment where trash, PET and cardboard piles are waiting to be brought to the garbage containers. What a bunch of hypocrites.  I get it. Which is why I want to make it very clear that we're not in church and nobody's preaching, because nobody's perfect, and here at Wayste we're far from it. All we're trying to do is to share the Zero Waste concept with the...

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